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ISBN: 978-1-942428-94-7
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Killer Nashville Silver Falchion Award
Best Fiction Book of the Year!
Pinnacle Award, Fall 2016

Waking Up in Medellin

~ A Nikki Garcia Thriller ~

by Kathryn Lane

Handsome Colombian men and life-threatening danger

were not normally a part of Nikki's auditing job, but this assignment was anything but normal. Despite her emotional wounds, she accepts the challenge as a way to overcome the loss of her young son in a tragic event.
      In the midst of the male-dominated business world in Colombia, she investigates mismanagement allegations and uncovers a sinister plot involving fraud . . . and possibly murder. She also discovers an attractive man who seems to have feelings for her. As her relationship with him grows deeper, so does the level of danger she finds herself in. When the guns come out, Nikki realizes it will be up to her to find a way to survive . . . 

but is she up to the task?

Praise for Waking Up in Medellin:

Waking Up in Medellin, by Kathryn Lane, is as hard to put down as an unscratched lottery ticket. With each chapter, the reader is more thoroughly invested than they were at the end of the previous chapter. Nikki Garcia is the accountant version of James, James Bond, and she is sent by her multinational company boss to discern whether reports of financial dirty dealings are true. The antagonist in her story, Señor Manuel, is a bad, bad man, made even worse because he's filthy rich and blatantly self-important. Even as the story unfolds, the reader, knowing who the bad guy is, is still carried on a roller-coaster of emotional adventure.
      Rarely have I read a book that made it hard to even take bathroom breaks. Each time I tell myself to stop at the end of the chapter being read . . . impossible, the next chapter (and the next, and the next) are a siren's call. That this author pretty much tells us who the bad guy is from the very beginning seems to make the build-up and plethora of surprises that much more titillating trying to guess how something so obvious could insert such suspense. There is more suspense and romance in this story than a normal helping, in fact, even the romance in this story is filled with suspense.
      I would invite every reader of this genre to read the first chapter, but only when there's time to read the story in its entirety because there is no stopping once you start. It is guaranteed that in addition to a very provocative story, every reader will know more about our first president, and his brother Larry, than they knew previously. That nugget alone is worth the price of admission.
      ~ Robert Selby is a screenplay writer, book reviewer, and volunteer at Killer Nashville
Read the full review at Killer Nashville, June 12th Book of the Day

Kathryn Lane's Waking Up in Medellin is a fun and riveting book, a compelling, page-turning romantic thriller that takes readers on an adventure of international intrigue, where suspense and tension are heightened in a world of greed, passion, betrayal, revenge, and love.
      ~ Lowell Mick White, Author of Professed, That Demon Life, and Long Time Ago Good

Waking Up in Medellin: Intrigue, Romance, and Suspense in Colombia by Kathryn Lane is a novel that is fittingly described in the subtitle, a suspenseful romance with a biting spice of intrigue, a pulsating read that is hard to put down. Nikki’s auditing career has brought her face-to-face with all kinds of men. Still recovering from a tragic loss, she accepts this new assignment as a distraction, and now she finds herself in a business world dominated by men, investigating accusations of mismanagement. What she discovers will shock her, and put her in grave danger. As she navigates the dangerous Colombian business world, she has to deal with guns and a powerful attraction for a handsome man that deepens by the hour. Can she keep herself alive in a world filled with danger, where the most innocent passerby could be hiding a gun meant to blow her head off?
      This isn’t your run-of-the-mill thriller, but a story with a unique plot and characters that are original and sophisticated. I enjoyed the international setting of this work and the intricate nature of the plot. Nikki is a character that will arouse the interest of readers, one who reminds me of the characters in Sidney Sheldon’s novels. The narrative is impeccable and Kathryn Lane is deft with the first person narrative. Waking Up in Medellin is balanced, masterfully crafted, and engrossing. It is a story with powerful conflicts, escalating swiftly and culminating in a satisfying denouement.
      ~ Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

Waking Up in Medellin by Kathryn Lane is a captivating book with a complex, well-developed plot. The author delves into her rich vocabulary to graphically set a variety of credible scenes. She also captivatingly weaves her knowledge of business and financial practices into the fast-moving story. This book provides a delightfully riveting read that simultaneously embraces intrigue, romance, and suspense. An amazing first book!
      ~ Amazon customer

An engaging read on several levels. First, there is the unraveling of alleged corruption within a multinational company. Second, there is enlightened exposure to a present day Medellin, Columbia. Third, there is romance. Having spent a major portion of my life in Latin America and almost two decades investigating the kinds of criminal issues Kathyrn Lane writes about, I can say that she is spot on.
      ~ Pete Palmer

The story is compelling. The reader flips through the pages with enthusiasm, wanting to know what's next for the heroine, Nikki. The novel combines drama, love and intrigue in a well crafted plot that is enjoyable to this reader's taste. Great job Kathryn! Keep writing.
      ~ Amy Hinchman

Kathryn Lane's Waking Up In Medellin is a fun suspense-filled read. Her descriptions of being in a South American city and countryside for the first time alone are spot on. The excitement and sense of adventure mixed with professionalism conveyed by Lane's character, Nikki, was both humorous and poignant. The suspense was constant and captivating. I never expected the ending! Well done first book.
      ~ Janet Palka

A fast-paced suspense and romance story filled with thought provoking circumstances. What might first appear as a normal corporate travel assignment turns into much more. As the book progresses, one gains insight into background of the characters as well as the corporate structure. It's difficult to stop reading this page turner!
      ~ Amazon customer

Loved this book! A story of romance and suspense that keeps you captivated. The author does a wonderful job describing Medellin, Columbia. You feel like you are right there with the main characters through every twist and turn. I couldn't put this book down!!
      ~ Amazon customer

Loved it! Main character is an extremely charming and well-educated American Latina who is a combo Sherlock Holmes and James Bond—quick, fast-paced read that takes you away to Medellin, Colombia. Well written and fun read!
      ~ Amazon customer

Award winning author, Kathryn Lane writes fiction inspired by Latin American cultures she experienced during her career as an international finance executive and in her life growing up in Mexico. Her debut novel, Waking Up in Medellín, was recognized with a Killer Nashville Silver Falchion for Best Fiction Book of the Year 2017 and a second Silver Falchion for Best Fiction Adult Suspense 2017. The novel also received a Pinnacle Achievement Award in Fiction. She is a 2017 finalist for the RONE Award in the Mystery category. Waking Up in Medellín was released in Spanish with the title Despertando en Medellín.
      Coyote Zone, the second novel in the Nikki García Thriller Series will be released in October 2017.
      Alamo Bay Press published Backyard Volcano and Other Mysteries of the Heart, (2017) an anthology of Kathryn’s short stories, which contain the fusion between fantasy and reality.
      AWP featured Kathryn on the Arriba Baseball! panel in Seattle (2014). She has been recognized in her community with a Montie Award for Excellence in the Arts and as a member of the Rotary Club, she has twice been honored with the Paul Harris Award. She lives in Texas, with her husband Bob Hurt, where she serves on the Montgomery County Literary Arts Council.

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