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ISBN: 978-1-940222-26-4

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260 pages
$14.97 in softcover
$4.99 in Kindle


by Kristen Lynch

In 1867, news of the vast silver veins in the new Idaho Territory exploded and lured men the world over with promises of wealth and power, bringing those who were starry-eyed, silver-drunk, and desperate for more. But when miles of underground chambers were breached between two of the largest working mines, the results became deadly.
      Smart but naive, Miss Adelaide Johnston is in over her head in Silver City.
      Hundreds of feet below the peak of War Eagle Mountain, battle lines have been drawn and fingers from both sides are itching for a fight down in the depths of hell, where their war cries were kept hidden from the ears of Silver City. That is, until the town's pretty schoolteacher/news reporter gets wind of more than silver being mined; war is being waged and unless Miss Adelaide can temper the flames with her news-breaking column, Silver City's sheriff may be facing a raging bloodbath.
      Will the handsome Sheriff Forrester be able to stop the madness before all hell broke loose or will they be digging more than rocks out of the Owyhee Mountains?
      Based on the documented events of "The Owyhee War," Silver pulls back the pages of the Old West and reveals a hidden chapter of the mining boom, recounting a period when the frontier lay open for the taking and the mountains offered riches beyond compare — if you were willing to sell your soul.


Praise for Silver

I admit, I'm jaundiced about Westerns these days. Too often they're more about re-writing history than they are about telling the story. Ms. Lynch was all about the tale . . . . I eagerly recommend Silver as a savory, anytime, anyplace read. Be careful though, if you read it while commuting or sitting in the dentist's office, you might make friends explaining why you were laughing!
      ~ Katie, Romance Reviews Magazine
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An excerpt:
Lem Addison breathed a sigh of relief as he sat in his room. Looking out of his second story window of the War Eagle Hotel, where he had been staying for the last week, he could see most of the town spread out below him. Candlelight flickered in and around the darkened windows and, somewhere among the snow-covered scatterings of buildings, was a young lady that he prayed would never uncover the truth about himself. Lem knew to restrain himself from overdoing his act. For he wanted to just whet her appetite before he set his full charm on her.
      He smiled briefly, stroking his magnificent whiskers as he thought about the young lady, but just as quickly his demeanor flashed from one of a placid sea to that of a malevolent storm, as he dropped his hand on his lap in a clenched fist.
      Oh, she would rue the day she insulted him and payment would be severe. He would take her heart and crush it into tiny pieces. But not before he took her mine and drained every last penny.
      Before long she would be under his spell and then he would see who was high and mighty around town.

  Nancy K. Harmon

      Kristen grew up all over the country; from the northeast, the deep south, the mid-west, the northwest and the mountain states. No matter where she lived, it seemed she always sought the history from each of these unique locales. Whether it was a glimpse of a colonist's life from a New England village or traces of the underground railroad where she lived in Georgia, she always had a keen eye for history wherever she could find it. Boise, Idaho, is now home to Kristen, her four children, and husband.

      Learn more about Kristen at silverthenovel.wordpress.com

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