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ISBN: 978-1-940222-71-4
202 pages

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Winner, 2015 Best Fiction Book of the Year!
~ Oklahoma Writers Federation Inc.

Daughter of the Howling Moon

by R. H. Burkett

The dragon inched closer. Ben stepped backwards. His heart flipped over and froze when his back hit the cypress tree. Trapped. No place to run. Lightning-fast, the spiked-head creature raked sharp claws across Ben's arm. Excruciating pain threw him to his knees. So this was how he was to die? Was this his punishment for doubting the Word of God? To be killed by the Beast of Revelations? Bethany Ann had warned him. Why hadn't he listened? Now he was trapped in the shadowland between the living and the dead. The fire-breathing monster towered over him, watching, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.
      To kill.
      To steal his soul.
      He hadn't believed her.
      Well, he damned sure believed now — except now was too late.

Praise for Daughter of the Howling Moon

Guys, I have to tell ya. I just finished what was, quite possibly, my favorite paranormal read of 2015. You guys know I've read LOTS of them so far, but this one may take the cake. Holy hell. SUCH a phenomenal read! I'm working on my review now, but why wait? Head over to Amazon and get yourself a copy now!
      ~ One Guy's Guide to Good Reads

Daughter of the Howling Moon—the very title of this book captured my attention. Born and reared along the swamps and bayous of Southeast Texas myself, stories with such a setting hook me from the get-go. RH Burkett does not disappoint. Her protagonist, Bethany Ann, a young woman conceived in the swamps under the howling full moon, stands for truth and justice and all that is pure. When young girls begin to disappear, Bethany Ann discovers her power as a shape-shifter and goes on the prowl. If you like dark and twisted, magic and mystery, this book is for you. The vivid imagery and authentic dialect takes the reader right into the story and keeps them there until the end. LOVED IT.
      ~ Sylvia Dickey Smith


Bethany Ann is such a likable character, and she draws you right into this book. Nice, short chapters, and other colorful characters and events, make it easy to say to yourself, "I'll just read another one", and before you know it you will have read several in one sitting!
      Ms. Burkett does a wonderful job at weaving a tale of mysterious happenings, supernatural events, otherworldly powers, and hard-hitting, heart-rending secrets that makes this a real page turner. I adored this book and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who loves a really good story!
      ~ Alice White

Finished, and was sorry when it was over. Loved her colloquialisms; they were so colorful and descriptive. I think what best describes this book is a statement in Stephen King's The Stand which describes THAT book as a tale of 'dark Christianity.' My favorite character was Lady Tibatha; I could hear her accent in my head.
      ~ Rick

Excellent, wild, and crazy story! A well-written tale of good overcoming evil (and I mean super-duper evil nastiness) with voodoo priestesses, shape-shifting, and the power of God outside of the strictures of church. Bethany Ann kicks ass!
      ~ Margaret "Meg" Dendler

Wow! Just wow! Warning: Do not read this book in the wee hours . . . at night . . . alone. Not since Dean Koontz, have I sat on the edge of my seat and had the living daylights scared out of me. R.H. Burkett sets your head spinning with amazing descriptions, magic dialogue, and characters that come alive on the page. Beautifully written with excitement in every chapter, it's a definite page turner. I would give it ten stars if that was an option. I'm hoping for a sequel. Please?
      ~ Bonnie Tesh

R.H. Burkett's words will take you to straight to a steamy swampland where good and evil battle each other for survival. Her prose draws "ahs" even as her story line draws shivers. Page by page, readers will realize that the scariest part of this book is Burkett's description of just how evil a person can be.
      ~ Jan Morrill

Bethany Ann, a young girl on the cusp of womanhood, develops new and mysterious powers, but will they be enough when she fights one of the most disgusting people alive? Hiding behind the cloak of religion, Jedidiah is more slithery than the snakes that crawl around him. Deputy Benjamin might get himself killed while trying to bring the phony preacher to justice, and Bethany Ann, the Daughter of the Howling Moon herself, prepares for an epic battle.
      This book will probably make you lose sleep. Snakes, a dragon, gators, incest, and a variety unspeakable evils will chill you. You won't be able to put this book down, and it will stick with you after you have closed it at the end.
      . . . But you may want to read it in daylight!
      ~ Ronda del Boccio, Amazon best selling author and speaker

Atmospheric and unsettling, yet heartfelt and poignant, Daughter of the Howling Moon is Burkett's most compelling creation to date. A veritable witch's brew brimming with dark wonders, and the magic of the human soul.
      ~ M.G. Miller, author of Bayou Jesus and Murderous

Best of luck with your book!
      ~ Theresa Caputo, The Long Island Medium

An Excerpt:

"Witch!" he screamed and lunged for me.
      That's when it happened.
      A tiny whispering came to my ears. "The crescent moon be in your eyes, girl. You bow before no man."
      Time stopped.
      I went to all fours, a jungle cat slinking around the room on paws silent as death. Black as sin, shining eyes of hazel ice, the jaguar-that-was-me hugged the floor and circled, tense and stealthy. She crouched low, ready to pounce. A deep growl vibrated the walls and wood floor.
      A quick swipe of claws.
      Flesh peeled from Jedidiah's right ear, across his eyes and lips and down his left side.
      I felt tender skin give way. Smelled his fear. Tasted the blood.
      He let out a howl that would make every one of Uncle Ezekiel's prized coon dogs jealous. Trembling hands flew to his face. Blood spilled over thin, long fingers and colored the floor crimson.
      Lightning-fast, I streaked out the back door, leapt the garden gate without breaking stride, easy as stepping over a log.
      I ran.
      Ran like I had raven wings on my feet instead of tennis shoes.
      Ran like I'd never tire or need a deep breath ever again.
      Ran like I could run forever.
      The night surrounded me, dark as pitch, but I didn't need light. I knew the way to the swamp like the back of my hand. Even if I didn't, it wouldn't have mattered. My eyes captured everything sharp and crystal clear.
      Grandpa Cypress waited for me with open arms. In three bounds, my feet hardly touched his hide as I climbed to a high limb. Settled on the thick branch, ears pricked, I listened to the night. Far away, I picked up the sounds of yelling and swearing. No doubt Jedidiah had my half-wit brothers looking for me. For sure he'd promised them a piece of the prize if they found me.
      Well, let them come.
      I'd crush their skulls between sharp teeth and strong jaws.
      For the jaguar and I were one.


RH Burkett was born in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and was famous from birth because she and her brother were the first set of boy/girl twins born at the local hospital. She studied drama at the University of Arkansas and joined Rogers Little Theatre acting in many musicals and productions. She married a United States Air Force Sergeant and moved to Salem, Massachusetts, to work for Parker Brothers Games as a sales analyst. From there she moved to Galveston, Texas to work in banking. A hurricane brought her back to Fayetteville.
      Burkett is a professional Tarot card reader who discovered her gift for writing when she penned her first novel, Soldiers from the Mist, which broke open the dam for many more novels to follow.
      She has won many writing awards, including the Ozarks Writer's League 2010 Book of the Year for Soldiers from the Mist; Storyteller Magazine People's Choice Award; The Clouse Literary Arts Award; and the 2010 Hightower Award.

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