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ISBN: 978-1-940222-65-3

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316 pages
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by J. E. Newman

Tomorrow, a plane heading for the United Nations building will be shot down. The crash will release a multi-hued cloud across Mahattan. In two weeks, the first of the Changed, people with extraordinary powers, will make their appearance.
      Four generations later, the beings who have become known as Changelings are essential to modern society, transforming all facets of life. Everything is going well for them . . . until they vanish without a trace. The world is shocked, but humanity has managed to adapt.
      But one woman believes the Changelings aren't all gone. Is she one? The one thing she knows for sure: She's the next target of an assassin who won't die. If she's going to survive, she needs help from the last Artificial, a synthetic human who could turn out to be more man than machine.

Praise for Changeling

Changeling is one of those rare stories that combines being tightly written and filled with unexpected twists and turns. Watching it unfold is like watching someone doing an intricate puzzle; you can't look away, you're mesmerized waiting to see how he'll accomplish it. In Newman's case, it's the unravelling of a mystery—what happened to the Changelings on Vanishing Day, and why one (or is it only one?) is left, and is now being pursued from town to town by a shadowy group of killers intent on making sure she doesn't live to tell about it.
      ~ Gordon P. Bonnet

J.E. Newman's futuristic debut novel, Changeling, is a world populated by humans, Changelings, and Artificials, also known as synthetic humans. In this dysphoric environment, humans live and die as they have for millennia, dependent on Changelings who are endowed with extraordinary powers. But, on Vanishing Day, Changelings disappear without a trace and with them the workforce serving humans. A struggle to survive ensues with the society reeling between unchecked power and peaceful coexistence.

      Newman's tale marks a fine blend between human and humanoid, between machine and flesh, between hope and despair. His tight prose and descriptions offer the reader all the accouterments of today's world while accelerating into the future with the enigmatic Dr. Mind knowing "everything you need to solve every problem is in front of you. All you have to do is see what you are looking at."
      Newman has created a world filled with truth and lies, wisdom and dysfunction. Sharp dialogue, unconventional characters, and "shifting shadows creating an illusion" keep the reader turning pages late into the night.
      ~ Nancy Hartney, author

I am not usually a fan of Sci-Fi, but Changeling just might change that for me. The storyline is good and the tech part is present, but not overwhelming. The characters grow and develop as the story progresses and at the end there were even a few tears. Newman did an outstanding job in creating the story and bringing it to a conclusion.
      ~ Joy Illumine

J. E. Newman's debut novel, Changeling, is an amazing story of survival and an unconventional love in a world where hope is all but lost.
      ~ Velda Brotherton, Author

An Excerpt:

To the right is my reason for being here. Majestic, the only synthetic person in existence, the last Artificial created. The mannequin stands an even six foot with broad shoulders and a trim waist. Dark, short hair sits above clean features that look like they were designed for an actor.
      I pull out the laser scalpel an addict used to try to kill me with just last week. I've no clue where he got it, but I'm glad he wasn't successful in the murder part. The indicator says the battery will last less than five minutes, but that's okay. I turn it on. The blue blade is under an inch long, but it's enough. I jam it into the force field that separates the observer from the display.
      In the distance there's a loud pop, and darkness falls inside the museum. Anyone smart would have the fields and the rest of the place on separate circuits, but maybe they aren't making enough money to be smart about it. Or the money for the extra breakers ended up in someone's personal account. It doesn't matter to me. Three minutes, give or take, and I'm out of here.
      I pull a flashlight out of my back pocket as an emergency light snaps on at the front of the hall. Anyone looking for the exit would head for the light. Instead I step over the low barrier, approaching the mannequin and rap on its chest. Solid. Good. Maybe I'm not wrong this time.
      "Majestic," I hiss, slapping the mannequin's face lightly. "I need your help."
      For a second, nothing. Then its eyes open.

Born and Raised in Arkansas, the author took the opportunity as a young man to get out and see the world. Having seen it, he returned to the small town where he was raised, and he went to work. But he couldn't help wondering what would happen if . . . . The results of those thoughts are the basis for Changeling. He currently lives with his cat and an overabundance of imagination.

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