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ISBN: 978-1-940222-85-1

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Best Left Buried

~ Darcy & Flora Cozy Mystery #3 ~

by Blanche Day Manos
Reading Owl

Darcy Campbell might have expected life in a small Oklahoma town nestled in the beautiful Ozark foothills to be as idyllic as the scenery. That, however, is not what she finds when she returns to her hometown of Levi after the death of her husband.
      One autumn morning, Darcy and her mother, Flora Tucker, are enjoying a cup of coffee in their hundred-year old farmhouse when Darcy gets an urgent telephone call. The contractor who is digging the foundation for their new home insists that Darcy drop everything and come to the building site as quickly as she can. He has found a mysterious object deep in a hand-dug well and he needs Darcy's help in retrieving it.
      The ancient, crumbling package pulled from the well contains two items that are as shocking as they are inscrutable. In trying to decipher the meaning of these long-buried objects, Darcy and Flora discover a dark secret from their family's past.
      A kidnapping, a brush with death, and a stranger's greed add to the mix. The era of World War I becomes enmeshed with the present day as Darcy and Flora unravel a tangled web of deceit that has ensnared their family.

Praise for Best Left Buried

A rousing good tale with appealing characters, an intriguing puzzle, and unexpected twists. Sure to charm.
      ~ Carolyn Hart, best-selling author of Ghost at Work, Merry Ghost, and Ghost Wanted

I've really become engrossed in this series. It's the second one I've listened to. The characters jump right out at you. Darcy and Flora are a great mother/daughter sleuth team.
      This entry in the series is filled with family secrets and keeps the reader guessing. The past blends with the present for a captivating read. I was trying to figure things out right along with Darcy and Flora. Everything fell nicely into place. It's filled with action, adventure, mystery and even a touch of romance. I'm looking forward to listening to more from this series.
      ~ Yvonne at Socrates' Book Reviews

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Books by
Blanche Day Manos

The Ned McNeil Series


and the Darcy & Flora Cozy Mystery Series


It may seem strange to some that a mild-mannered kindergarten teacher would become an author of cozy mysteries, but it's actually a good fit. A teacher is a word craft. So is a writer. A teacher wants the efforts of her labor to have a positive outcome. So does a writer. A teacher prays and hopes that each student has a positive take-away from her work. A writer hopes that for her readers too. A teacher would like each of the children in her classroom to achieve a satisfying life. Although she can't control that, as a writer she can control the way her books conclude!
      A native Oklahoman, Blanche has a deep familiarity with the Sooner state, so it's the logical setting for her books. Her Cherokee heritage and feeling at home in the rural settings of Oklahoma are vividly woven into the background fabric of her books. Her other published cozies include The Cemetery Club and Grave Shift, books one and two of the Darcy & Flora Series.

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