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ISBN: 978-1-942428-52-7

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220 pages
$13.97 in softcover
$3.97 in ebooks

Along Showdown River

by Steve Myers

In 1877, mountain man and hunter Ben Jonson saves Sudden Sam Stone from drowning. Stone repays Ben by stealing Ben’s mule and a rifle. Ben considers tracking Stone down, but decides the theft isn’t worth killing a man over. Later, during a visit to a trading post, Ben discovers his now-abandoned mule and rifle. He learns Sudden Sam is no ordinary man, he’s a vicious outlaw and a cold-blooded killer who takes whatever he wants.
      Ben runs into Stone again during a robbery attempt, but this time they’re on the same side, and an unlikely alliance begins. Ben figures Stone still owes him for the mule and rifle, but Sudden Sam sees it a different way. Throw in a beautiful faro dealer, a murder or two, and a kidnapped mine owner’s daughter and you have a recipe for hot lead and cold-blooded vengeance.
      Survival is for the beautiful and the bold . . . as long as they’re the baddest!
      Think of Mickey Spillane's hero Mike Hammer, set back in the 1800s, and you'll get the flavor of Along Showdown River.

Steve Myers

Steve Myers grew up in small coal mining towns in Pennsylvania and Ohio, where his father and great-grandfather were miners. He served in the US Air Force during the Vietnam war. These experiences and others acquainted him intimately with the brutality that all types of people are capable of, as well as the tenderness that surfaces in unexpected places.
      After his military service, Steve graduated summa cum laude in mathematics from Kent State University. He has worked as an electrician and in data acquisition and analysis, and is retired from Procter & Gamble.
      Steve has published short fiction, poetry, and novels. Along Showdown River is his second novel from Pen-L Publishing; A Case of Love and Squalor (2014), Book One of the Joe Andrews Mysteries, is his first.
      Find Steve at www.StevenJMyersStories.com.

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