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Magnetic and Main

It's hard to get on with your life when you're already dead.

Dakota Trails

She was smart, she was beautiful, with no more than a nodding acquaintance with the truth. But was she worth dying for?

Fighting For Her Life

By Detective David Williams

What To Do When Someone You Know Is Being Abused

Finding the Buddha

A dark story of genius, friendship, and stand-up comedy. A mysterious man with a Midas touch delights the world but still seeks release from his own personal nightmare.


"Both hilarious and touching, the madcap journey of an aging mother and her adult daughter from cold Protestant Canada into the hallucinogenic heart of Mexico's magic, where the past literally comes to life. Every page is a surprise . . . A scintillating read." Lewis Buzbee

Blind Rage

A true story of sin, sex, and murder in a small Arkansas town. Who did it and why will shock you.

Maria Juana's Gift

Set on the Texas-Mexico border, this poignant and suspenseful story of a young couple's battle to save the life of their infant daughter "gracefully shifts gears from heartwarming to heart wrenching." Daily Sun News

Shakespeare's Verse

At last! A practial handbook for Shakespearean Performance. The bard wrote the world's greatest verse plays. Almost all of them are performed or read as prose—by default, not by decision. This is a tragic waste but it is fixable.

Melody for Murder

~A Bertie Bigelow Mystery~
On the South Side of Chicago, one sour note can lead to murder.
When the choir director's date is shot to death, Bertie must find the judge's killer—or become the next victim.

Waiting for Paint to Dry

Matty Bell lives in a safe, self-made, monochromatic life of work-eat-sleep-survive. It's easier to run and hide than deal with the pain she's suffered since being raped. But what about love?

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